Supply Chain Security

The keys to increase security in the transport of goods is part of the quality of service in modern logistics, and also one of the main concerns for all professionals in the logistics sector.
In order to achieve quality in the service, it is necessary to incorporate quality and safety procedures in all the processes of product elaboration and in the rendering of services.
It is necessary to adapt the transport to these security measures as well as install security devices to prevent damage or deterioration of the transported products.

For example, refrigerated products must have adequate temperatures, for this it is necessary to include detectors of sudden changes in temperature that alert when the pre-established has been changed. These detectors are easy to use, so their use is widespread in the industry.
The use of detectors when a merchandise has been damaged or mistreated, is another of the most used elements in the industry. Also, a protection against theft is essential, to avoid unfortunate events.

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